Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop the Bullying Now -- Stand up for Nurses and Patients

photo from Flickr
Have you heard about the plight of Amanda Trujillo, an RN who was fired by Banner health in Arizona for educating a patient in the process of obtaining informed consent?

The physician threw a well documented tantrum because the patient decided against the procedure after being educated. The physician demanded the nurse be fired and he has filed a complaint against the RN with the AZ Board of Nursing. This keeps her from being hired anywhere else in AZ.

Listen to this interview and read more about this case. You can also sign a petition for the AZ BRN to remove the "under investigation" status from Amanda's license. Follow this situation on FACEBOOK.

Stand up for the entire nursing profession, for nurses who advocate for patients and stick to the tenants of informed consent. Call the AZ BRN (602-771-7800) or email them ( This could happen to you, your loved ones or your patients. 

Bullying is a big issue for children trending all over the media. As adults we need to stand up and STOP the BULLYING in the workplace! Too many "good old boy" docs have gotten away with this for far too long and patients suffer for it. Health care costs are adversely affected. Lives are in jeopardy, and too many great nurses are lost because of it.

Please spread the word.

Thank you!!!

UPDATE: Read Kim's post at Emergiblog to discover why the ANA isn't taking a stand on this issue and supporting NURSES!!!  (The current ANA President is affiliated with Banner Health-- conflict of interest?!) Shame on Banner Health!!