Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Faltering Economy Affects Nursing Jobs

As more "retired" and non-active nurses return to the workforce due to this faltering economy, the nursing shortage takes on a different face. However, it remains a huge problem and will continue to grow. It's something that we cannot lose sight of despite the changes.

With a relatively slow flu season and far fewer elective procedures being performed, hospital censuses have fallen. Consequently, the need for hospital nurses has diminished somewhat. This is a temporary situation, but it may last for awhile.

Travel nurses are feeling the brunt especially those who just want med/surg assignments in say, sunny (??) California. (It's overcast and gloomy right now, not at all sunny.)

Specialty nurses are more in demand, and those who have specialized skills and experience and are willing to work these units will continue to find jobs more readily. Read more at
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