Friday, May 16, 2008

Nursing Schools With No Waiting List

Far too many students have received rejection letters recently from their choice of nursing school. Nursing programs are overcrowded and most have long waiting lists. Each year they turn away hundreds of qualified students due to lack of funding, and a lack of nurse educators.

Sadly, the shortage of nurses also affects the number of nurse educators. Low salaries and poor benefits add to the problem. The Title VIII Nurse workforce Development fund is always a victim of budget cuts and nurses have to fight just to get the same funding as the previous year let alone an increase that would help resolve a nursing shortage!

There are however, a few schools without waiting lists and some may even still have openings for Fall 2008. Johnson & Johnson's Discover Nursing has a comprehensive list of these schools. Check out the list and get your application in. Don't let any nursing program go without a full list of students each and every term!