Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gift Ideas for Nurses Week

If you are looking for inexpensive ideas to add to your celebration of Nurses Week with your staff, check out the options on my website HousecallsOnline.com. There are two different Print Your Own kits which includes a card, a bookmark, a certificate of appreciation and postcards. You can also print paper nurse's caps for decorations. There are also options available from Cafe Press which include tote bags, journals, apparel, and an adorable Teddy Bear. Similar items are available from The Nursing Site shop at Cafe Press as well.

Be sure to take the opportunity to celebrate the nursing profession. One of the best ways to do this is to devote the time to learn something new and to share your knowledge. Treat yourself to a new piece of equipment or something that helps to make your job easier. This may be a simple as a fancy new pen that easier to write with.

photo: Nurse's cap by Kathy Quan

UPDATE: for 2009 see this post