Friday, June 1, 2018

Confidentiality and Social Media Don't Mix Well

I wrote an article several years ago on the subject of confidentiality in nursing. It has since disappeared from the site I wrote it for. It deserves updating now as it continues to be a big part of medical ethics. Technology continues to change our lives and social media and confidentiality do not mix well. Younger nurses who have grown up in the era of social media and sharing everything may have a hard time understanding confidentiality issues.

Confidentiality has morphed with the HIPAA laws. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 which was first designed to allow employees to keep and carry their health insurance coverage from one employer to another. In the process, privacy laws had to be built into the act to protect employee’s rights and privacy from becoming available to their employer. For instance an employer might find a way to not hire a person if they discovered he or she had  cancer or some chronic disease.

For all health care providers, the HIPAA act demands full confidentiality and protection of every patient’s privacy. It’s not just nurses and doctors. It’s everyone working in health care who cannot share patient information. A need-to-know basis is implicit to the plan. There was an episode several years back in which Brittney Spears was hospitalized and several employees were fired for looking at her information on the hospital computer. They weren’t involved in her direct care and had no need-to-know, and so it was a violation of her privacy rights as well as hospital rules under the HIPAA law. Other cases have involved an unusual health even such as shark attacks,  or impalement injuries.

Whether or not you share any of the information or just look at it for your own curiosity, if you’re not involved in the direct care and need-to-know, then you’re in violation of HIPAA.

We have all probably worked in situations where we have had patients who are celebrities or well-known community members in the crosshairs of our hospitals, clinics or medical offices, or have provided care in their homes or other places of residence.

I could tell you about many I have encountered in my career, but you have no need-to-know, so I cannot. If I had their permission to share certain information that would be a whole different ball game. On the other hand, if I changed up some of the identifying details or managed to make sure you couldn’t figure out who I was talking about, I could tell you some information that might be relevant such as how to deal with entitled or highly unhappy patients or family members. That seems to be a common theme with some of the rich and famous. But otherwise, I have to take these secrets to my grave.

Along came social media and everyone is sharing every little detail about their lives. But the HIPAA laws haven’t changed, and nurses (and anyone working in health care) need to be perhaps more careful than ever not to expose private patient

Posting photos on Instagram and Facebook is a common mistake, often made very innocently to celebrate a milestone event with a patient. The last chemo treatment, a milestone birthday, someone walks again when they were told they wouldn’t. Who wouldn’t want to share the joy/! Technically if you post a picture of anyone, even your best friend, without their permission it can become a whole huge issue. This is an area of particular concern because we often don’t even think about it. We have access to cameras on our phones and we post the pictures all over the Internet to share with friends and family.

Even if your patient is not a well-known celebrity, s/he has the right to privacy, and HIPPA will get you if you violate the confidentiality! If you do have permission to post that selfie you took with your 100-year-old patient on his birthday, you MUST say so. I would advise that your better choice is to NOT post it, but if you do, you MUST get his permission and then be sure to document that you have his permission to post. (I would also let your employer know you’re posting and be sure to know what their rules are before even considering it.) If he has dementia or is otherwise incapable of making his own decisions, you’d better have permission from his next of kin or DPOA! And you MUST post that as well. And then save the post in a manner so that it cannot be shared.

HIPAA was updated with the HITECH Act in 2009. Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act covers patient confidentiality and technology advances. When taking pictures for clinical use and medical records, for example wounds, make sure you have permission to photograph. Check for your employer’s policy and follow it to a “T.” Use a medical record number and date but be sure there is no other identifying information in/on the photo. Zoom in on the wound or other reason for the photo. And the DELETE the photos from your device as soon as you have posted in the appropriate place.

Confidentiality is not just about photos, it’s any information you glean from/about your patient. Something they told you in confidence or not is still a privacy matter. I can share that a patient I had several years back was the stunt double for a famous actor or actress in the 1920’s and 30’s. If I say anything more than that, you might be able to figure it out and then know he or she was a patient treated by XYZ and could learn he or she was treated for ABCD. That would be violating the patient’s HIPPA rights that extend for 50 years after death.

I can also share with you I’ve taken care of the fathers of rock stars and the grandmothers of actors, along with athletes and politicians and community leaders, but that’s the extent of what I can say. I can say some of them were very nice and grateful for all we did, and others were rude and obnoxious the same as any other patient or family members. But I can’t tell you who they were or any other situational information that could identify them.

It's a covert operation and it has to remain such. HIPAA also prevents you from sharing any information with a family member or friend of any patient without the patient’s permission. Only the DPOA can tell you who in the event the patient cannot. These laws were written to protect all of us.

Take care of you and don’t let curiosity put you in jeopardy. Don’t forget and post or otherwise share information or pictures you took with a favorite patient unless you have permission and state so. You put your career on the line and could cost your employer a lot as well. Mumm’s the word!



Monday, May 28, 2018

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day

Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Nurses Week Give Away Winners

As promised, I have randomly selected winners of our generously donated Nurses Week Give Aways. This year we had far more entries than prizes and our social media hits were off the charts compared to previous years. This all means it was quite successful for all! Nurses Inspire, Innovate Influence.

Thanks to all who entered. I have notified the winners and they should be hearing from their generous donators very soon. I will also be notifying those who didn't get a fabulous prize and sending them a consolation prize. 

I want to take the opportunity to once again say a huge THANK YOU to all who donated fabulous prizes for our Nurses Week Give Aways:

Day 1:
Uniform Advantage for a $50 egift card

Day 2:
Nurse Born Products for the Nurse Invented Gift Set
Karen Ingalls for her book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir

Day 3:
SugarWish for a SugarWish Duet
Meketta for LED Solar Boxes

Maevn Uniforms for a set of Blossom Signature Collection scrubs

Day 5:
Elizabeth Scala for a set of her 3 books, Nursing From Within, Stop Nurse Burnout, and Your Next Shift

Christine Magnus Moore for her book, Both Sides of the Bedside: From Oncology Nurse to Patient, an RN’s Journey with Cancer

Day 7:
Brittney Wilson and Kati Kleber for their book, The Nurse's Guide to Blogging 

Consolation prizes of $5 Starbucks gift cards were sent to all who entered and did not win a big prize. Happy Nurses Week to all.  

If you didn't have a chance to enter, and aren't among the lucky winners, please be sure to support these great products and say thanks for supporting the nursing profession during Nurses Week and throughout the year. 

I hope you all had a great Nurses Week! Keep making a difference in someone's life everyday! Thanks for all that you do!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!


~ Kathy

Saturday, May 12, 2018

2018 Nurses Week Day 7

Wow I hope you have had a fabulous Nurses Week! Never forget to honor yourself for ALL that you do for everyone. I hope you all had a chance to see this post. It says so much about who we are as nurses and why we do what we do....

Today, we prepare for Mother's Day tomorrow. Each of us has (had) a mother whether or not we are mothers or grandmothers or in the realm of great grandmothers. Take a moment to say Thanks Mom!

The Nurse's Guide to Blogging

Whether you blog or want to become a blogger, The Nurse's Guide to Blogging is a must have for your library. I've been blogging for years, but I learned a ton from this book!  

Brittney Wilson and Kati Kleber put their heads together and produced a wonderful book to guide every step of the process.. Today I'm honored to be able to offer a copy for our final Nurses Week Give Away. 

So head over to read the Rules to Enter once again and send off your email. You just might win one of our fabulous prizes! Happy Nurses Week!!!!

Thanks Brittney and Kati!

I will announce the winners May 20. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

2018 Nurses Week Day 6

It's Friday of Nurses Week --  TGIF!!!  I have a couple of things to share with you before we get to the Give Away for today. First here's a nice compilation of Discounts and Freebies for Nurses anytime.  We can always appreciate saving a little money or time!, for whom I also write,  has posted several things for Nurses Week. First they have a FREE CE course for Nurses Week on Evidence Based Practice. And another one involves a little humor. We can ALL use more laughter in our lives and many of these I'm sure you can relate to: 25 GIFs That Only Nurses Will Understand. Enjoy! Don't forget you can get 25% off the CE at're also giving away MDF MD One stethoscopes for Nurses Week. Enter to win.

Both Sides of the Bedside

Our Give Away today is a fabulous book from Christine Magnus,  Both Sides of the Bedside: From Oncology Nurse to Patient, an RN’s Journey with Cancer.

Christine Magnus Moore, RN, BSN, PHN, BMTCN has worked in the nursing field for over twenty-five years with more than sixteen years in oncology. She is a non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor of fifteen-and-a-half years, and is the author of a book titled Both Sides of the Bedside: From Oncology Nurse to Patient, an RN’s Journey with Cancer. Christine has authored articles about survivorship which were published in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, CONQUER The Patient Voice magazine, and the ihadcancer website.

Christine has a Master’s Certification in caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer. She created, and is the co-leader of, a young adult cancer survivor group through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society called the LLS SoCal Cancer Connection. Christine’s passion is to help those on the cancer journey and to help people understand it as a deeper level. She currently works as a Hematology Stem Cell Transplant Nurse Coordinator at City of Hope. Christine writes her own blog and can be contacted through her website

Remember to enter our daily Give Aways contest -- see the Rules. Good luck and enjoy your Nurses Week!

Thanks Christine!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 Nurses Week - Day 5

It's Thursday of Nurses Week. Just another day in the life of a nurse. Remember to replenish often and take care of YOU. You cannot pour from an empty pot! You have to know that what you do makes a difference. Your patient may not even know it yet, but he'll figure it out. Probably long after he's moved on without you. Take every opportunity to thank yourself!

3 Books from Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA RN (1 winner)

Elizabeth Scala has honored us with a donation of 3 of her books. For one lucky (US based) winner, this is a fantastic prize!!! I own all 3 and I love them!!! Elizabeth was trained at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Reiki master and coach. Elizabeth blogs, writes and produces some fabulous podcasts. In her spare time, she pulls together a fabulous program for Nurses Week each year the Art of Nursing.

Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds offers the innovative solutions today’s nurses need. Although it outlines the problems nurses face, this book is not about trying to change the working environment. Rather, it’s about altering inner perspectives. With boundless energy and passion, it addresses an element that’s largely missing from nursing self-care programs focusing on diet and health: the spiritual self.
Stop Nurse Burnout: Individuals typically enter their careers with a desire to provide compassionate, heart-based care. Challenged by regulations, financial pressures and technological advancements, today’s healthcare professional struggles to balance the art with the science of practice. Elizabeth inspires nursing teams to reconnect with the passionate and fulfilling joy that once called them to their roles.

Your Next Shift: How to Kick Your Nursing Career into High Gear:  Nursing offers many opportunities, but there’s no denying it’s tough—and sometime thankless—work. A nurse’s mindset often means the difference between an average and awesome career, but few nursing books focus on this vital aspect of the profession.

Entrepreneur and clinical nurse Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, provides the means to take your nursing career to the next level. Beginning with the many issues affecting nursing, Scala describes the negative “monkey” mindsets that interfere with a nurses’ ability to enjoy their profession. She then introduces a set of seven spiritual laws to help improve a nurse’s career outlook.

ONE (US based) winner will receive all 3 books.  Follow these Rules to Enter.

Thanks Elizabeth!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2018 Nurses Week - Day 4

Nurses Week is also a time to reflect on the nursing profession and how we can work together to improve working conditions as well as quality patient care.  Staffing ratios are one of the biggest issues we all face in any field, but especially true in hospital care.

Advocate for Nurses

Nurses Take DC is a collaborative effort to educate the public and to persuade legislators to vote on safe staffing ratios. Alene Nitzky Phd, RN, OCN, shares her experiences at the 2018 event on her blog. Learn more about the grass roots organization collaboration and their efforts to get S1063 and HR 2392 the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2017 passed.

Additionally the National Nurse for Public Health Act S1106 and HR 1651 needs your support and help to educate the public and your legislators.  Recent hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters serve to remind us of the need for unified nurse leadership to ensure the best quality care for victims and their families.  This year's flu season was a harsh one and the flu vaccine was not all that effective. Nurse leadership in the area of public health information and preventative care is essential to containing costs, meeting patient needs and preventing complications from acute and chronic illness.

Investigate these grass roots efforts working diligently to promote quality health and safety issues for all. Get involved and advocate for the passage of this important legislation. Stand up for nurses!

Maevn Scrubs

Now for the Give Away information you're waiting for....
Maevn Uniforms is generously donating one set of their Blossom Signature Collection scrubs (winner's choice of color, style and size) for a US based winner. 

Maevn Uniforms, a leading U.S. supplier of fashionable medical uniforms, recently announced its new women’s Blossom Signature Collection. The new medical scrub separates line is designed to bring functionality and style together by featuring multiple pockets and loops (for medical tools) while maintaining a flattering and modern fit. All styles within the new collection are comprised of signature cotton-blended fabric to provide a breathable stretch for maximum comfort. 

Maevn Uniforms offers men and women in the medical field high-quality, fashionable apparel at competitive prices. The brand's collections are currently available nationwide at over 500 specialty stores that carry medical scrubs and accessories. For more information please visit:

Follow the Rules to Enter and good luck! Thanks Maevn Uniforms!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 Nurses Week Give Aways - Day 3

Wow it's Day 3 of our Nurses Week Give Aways. Don't forget to register for the ANA webinar. Today is the last day to do so. What have you been doing to honor yourself this week? Take time for you. Even if it's just a moment. Recognize YOU for all that you do for everyone!

Today's Give Aways offer a little something sweet and a light for your safety when outdoors.


I was the lucky recipient of a delightful box of delicious candies from Sugarwish awhile back so I can highly recommend them! And I need to remind my family where they can get my Nurses Week gift!

Sugarwish takes the guesswork out of gifting allowing your favorite Nurse to choose the candy gift they receive (so you don’t have to know whether she’s craving Holland Mints, Caramel Creams, Swedish Fish or Roasted Almonds!).

Sugarwish starts as an e-card that seamlessly brings the recipient to the Sugarwish virtual candy store, where they get to customize their gift. The gift is then packed in a beautiful gift box, and delivered lickety split. Sweet happiness. Delivered.

Sugarwish is generously donating a Sugarwish Duet to one lucky US based winner. Enjoy! Thanks Sugarwish!

Remember to see the Rules and enter to win any of our great Give Aways 
to make your Nurses Week complete!

MeKetta LED Solar Box

Safety is a big issue for nurses especially those who work shifts that begin or end (maybe both) in the dark. Inclement weather can cause visibility issues as well. The MeKetta LED Solar Box can make a difference for you. It's very versatile and can be handheld or attached to anything from purses and backpacks to bicycles, strollers, dog leashes, etc. It's 2 3/4” X 1 3/4” X 7/8” and has 10 LED lights. Charging options include using a standard micro USB cord (not included) for about an hour; or by sitting it in the sunlight for several hours. It continues to charge as long as it's exposed to direct sunlight. There are 3 modes: solid light, slow blinking and fast blinking.

MeKetta Health and Safety Products has generously donated 2 LED Solar Boxes so we can choose 2 US based winners of this great Nurses Week Give Away. 
Thanks MeKetta!


Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 Nurses Week - Give Away Day 2

How was your  Nurses Day? I hope you got some good food and maybe a token something to recognize all that you do. Remember, Nurses Week is about celebrating ourselves and the difference we make for others. If no one remembered to say Thank You to you.... say it yourself!!! And say it to your co-workers!

Today we have a couple of great Give Aways. Be sure to check the Rules to Enter and email your entry.

Nurse Invented Gift Set

Sarah Mott who owns Nurse Born Products has kindly donated the Nurse Invented Gift Set for one lucky US based winner.  The set includes:
  • Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder
  • Set of 30 Comprehensive Badge Reference Cards
  • Gripsors Bandage Scissors 5.5 inch with hook and gripping teeth
Read more about these great products and all of the other great items available from Nurse Born Products.

Thanks Sarah!!!

Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir 

Karen Ingalls has graciously donated a paperback copy of her award-winning book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir for our Nurses Week Give Away (US based winner only.) 

Here's a little about Karen. I am a retired nurse, active blogger, author, and advocate. I do presentations about gynecologic cancers, particularly ovarian. My experience as a nursing student and practicing nurse was that there was no (or very little) education or training on gyn. cancers. I find this to still be true among medical students and nursing students. Even many doctors are not aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

When Karen Ingalls was diagnosed with Stage II Ovarian Cancer, she realized how little she knew about what was once called ''the silent killer.'' As Ingalls began to educate herself she felt overwhelmed by the prevalent negativity of cancer. Lost in the information about drugs, side effects, and statistics, Ingalls redirected her energy to focus on the equally overwhelming blessings of life, learning to rejoice in each day and find peace in spirituality.
Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir is a story of survival, and reminds readers that disease is not an absolute, but a challenge to recover. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO GYNECOLOGIC CANCER RESEARCH.

Thanks Karen!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nurses Week 2018 Give Aways: Scrubs!

Happy National Nurses Day! I want each of you to do something special just for YOU today! Nursing is a field where we have to make and find our own rewards in what we do everyday and how we make a difference for someone every day.  We don't always get thank you's, and don't often get to see a situation resolved fully. We're always helping people move to the next step and handing them off. So do something to honor yourself today! (And every day!) 

In 1893, Mrs. Lystra E. Gretter and the Farrand Training School for Nurses wrote an adaptation of the physician's Hippocratic Oath for nurses. Nurses Day celebrations often include a reading or hand out of the Florence Nightingale Pledge. Read it carefully and listen to the words. It is also often know as the Nurse's Oath and is frequently recited at graduation pinning ceremonies.

One way to honor yourself and celebrate nursing is to register and attend The Art of Nursing from May 7-10 --online. You can earn ceus by completing the tasks and you have until August 2018. There will be 12 30-minute videos included from some of your favorite nurse resources lead by Elizabeth Scala. Topics include Global Vision and Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration, Clinical Innovation and Resilience and Self Care. The purpose is to reduce burnout and increase professional development. Access the videos on your own time frame. There will be 4 30-minute wrap-up video calls at the end of each day which you can participate in. Don't miss this one! Register now!


We begin our week of Give Aways today with a bang! Scrubs are always something nurses want and need so we have a couple of donations to give away this week. 

Today I'll start with Uniform Advantage who has graciously donated a $50 egift card for you to use towards the purchase of items from their massive catalog. 

They do ship internationally (see instructions and responsibilities.)

Many thanks to UA for their generous donation!

A reminder of the Rules to Enter.


FREE Digital Download

Happy Nurses Week! This is Elisha and Laura from My Scrubless Life- two expat bedside nurses and we want to say THANK-YOU for all that you do. Our FREE gift to you is a workbook made especially for this Nurses Week give away here on TheNursingSiteBlog. It can help any nurse who is wanting to expand their career options and start their own business.

Its a great place to start for those who are curious, and ready to take that next step, but are just unsure as to how they could be of service. Lets get you some clarity! See you on the inside! Download here.


There are a multitude of  Nurses Week Freebies and Discounts available. Here's a start to the list...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

2018 National Nurses Week Give Aways: the Rules

National Nurses Week begins tomorrow, May 6 and runs through May 12. May 6 is National Nurses Day and May 12 is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Other days during the week have significance as well and it coincides with Teacher’s Week. So we happily celebrate people who make a difference in the lives of others. This year's theme is Nurses Inspire Innovate Influence -- indeed we do! has a special Give Away contest annually and this year we have some really terrific prizes available. To celebrate nurses, we have invited nurses who have products, services and written books for nurses to donate and we’ll help support them through some publicity here and on our social media. Hopefully you will share with your friends and colleagues as well as your social media to help us say thanks for their generosity and increase awareness throughout the nursing community. We will also give away some scrubs, some candy, and a couple of safety lights. We’ll also provide links to products and services offering Free and Discounted items for nurses this week.

NOTE: Due to exorbitant shipping costs, the donators have asked that this contest be restricted to US Based nurses only. Thanks for your understanding!

Digital Give Aways such as eGift Cards and eBooks can be sent to any email address. **

How to Enter Nurses Week Give Aways

This year we’re making it very simple:
  • You click on this link and provide your contact info (name address, phone number) and which Give Away(s) you’d like to have. List a couple please.
  •  On May 14th I will randomly draw the names from a hat and try to match up as many to the Give Away they most want. All winners will receive a Give Away.
  • On May 20th I will list the winners on the blog.
  • You will be contacted by the nurse or company providing the Give Away to arrange delivery directly to you.  
  • Enter each day if you'd like. 
**Everyone who enters will receive a digital download (on May 20th) of my eBook Time Management Skills for Nurses. 

Please share the posts with your friends and social media.
Thanks, and Happy Nurses Week! #2018NNWGiveAways

Friday, May 4, 2018

Honor Yourself This Nurses Week

Get your own Rocketium Account. Disclaimer this is an affiliate account.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Free ANA Webinar for Nurses Week 2018

The American Nurses Association once again offers a free webinar for Nurses Week. The webinar will be presented on Wednesday, May 9 at 1:00 PM ET.  The 2018 webinar is entitled Emerging Technology and Its Impact on Nursing Practice and is presented thanks to an educational grant from the American Nurses Foundation

The webinar covers the continuing evolution of technology in healthcare and provides insight as to what to expect in the future of nursing and how to adapt. Dan Weberg PhD RN is the presenter.

Register for the webinar by 7:00 PM ET on Tuesday May 8 and you have until May 16 to verify attendance and complete the post webinar evaluation to receive 1 CE for attendance. Please be sure to make note of the information on the registration page : CE Information: You are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to broadcast the webinar in a group setting at your facility.  If group participants would like to claim free CE, they MUST register individually prior to the event. They can attend the group broadcast and claim their individual CE after the event by logging into their personal account.

Register today. Happy Nurses Week 2018.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: How These 9 Medical Centers Answered the Call

By Deborah Swanson 
An interesting juxtaposition has emerged in the last 50 or so years: most major health organizations agreed that breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants, and at the same time, more moms invested in their careers than ever before (almost 70 percent of mothers were in the workforce in 2015, compared with just 47 percent in 1975). Integrating breastfeeding into a full-time workday is a major challenge for new mothers, and studies show that workplace barriers contribute to low rates of breastfeeding.

To address this, in 2010, the United States enacted a federal law requiring employers to provide break time and a place for hourly wage-earning and salaried employees to express breast milk at work. But the medical industry in particular has taken their support of nursing moms to the next level, not only by following the law, but also by introducing lactation services and breast pump rental programs, and even developing programs that let employees bring their nursing babies to work. So, perhaps all the medical mom needs is a good pair of maternity scrubs and a supportive employer!

Here are a few of the medical centers who went above and beyond to support their nursing employees in the past few years. Most of these hospitals are accredited by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (Baby-Friendly USA), a governing body that helps medical centers develop programs that encourage more employees to breastfeed. READ MORE...

Deborah Swanson is a former Hospital Administrator who now works with celebrating caregivers. She keeps busy interviewing medical professionals, writing for blogs, and gardening.

Thanks Deborah

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Are You Ready for Nurses Week?

Nurses Week 2018 is rapidly approaching. May 6-12  each year is set aside to honor the nursing profession. The American Nurses Association theme for 2018 is Nurses Inspire Innovate Influence.  This certainly captures nursing and what nurses do every day! It should be an easy theme to build your celebration around.

Every year I hear more and more nurses grumble because nothing was done for them! I've been there myself, and it's indeed very disappointing. Simple gestures go a long way to make people feel appreciated.

I know way too many managers who have no idea how to make staff feel appreciated, and have no idea how to plan any sort of celebration. Even the simple gesture of bringing in a box of bagels or donuts just because it's Friday is beyond their ability and comprehension.

So what I learned was that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and not sit back and be passive aggressive about it!! There are tons of simple things that can be done and a good leader needs to be able to pull a team together and delegate! You don't have to do it all yourself. You just need to prioritize and organize. Use those critical thinking skills and lead your staff!

Raises and Expensive Gifts are NOT Going to Happen
Nurses Week is NOT about sending everyone on an all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean. It's NOT about giving everyone a substantial raise. It's NOT about "using that money for something significant." It's simply NOT possible, and anyone who feels butt hurt that their employer didn't do this for them is simply in the WRONG profession. Perhaps Wall Street is calling your name? 

On the other (realistic) hand, being appreciated is something everyone needs to feel! It's not rocket science and it's not difficult to pull it off!!! There are tons of creative, talented nurses out there waiting to be asked.

Step Up and Help Plan
Nurses usually have to find their own rewards out of the difference they make for their patients, but it's important to be recognized by management and told you DO matter. So don't sit back and let managers rest on incompetence at planning celebrations. It really is a problem, but they can't be expected to be great at everything! So jump in and help out!!! Bring a sample of your skills and share at a staff meeting or just with your manager.

  • A potluck meal can work miracles to bring staff together to share cultures and recipes and downright great food! A signup sheet is easy to make. You can spread it across the whole week so everyone is included despite their days off. Set a theme for each day or mix it all up. Have fun and enjoy the great foods you're bound to have. Everyone gets to participate -- even if they buy the food they bring, or supply the drinks, napkins or utensils.
  • Ask a local bagel or donut shop to donate or discount the product to honor nurses and bring in a BUNCH to share. A few balloons, streamers and banners can help set a festive mood and alert patients and family members to the celebration of nursing.

Nurses Survival Kits
A few years back, one of our nurse leaders handed out small bags packed with little goodies and a great note to make us all feel loved and appreciated. These take a little effort to create and fill the bags, but again organizing a team to work together can make quick work. Search Etsy or Pinterest for additional ideas on Nurses Survival Kits.

Utilize some of the History of Nurses Week and the ideas I have shared on the Nursing Site for more suggestions on making your Nurses Week a big success. Don't forget to include the Florence Nightingale Pledge in some fashion. It reminds us of our roots and keeps us grounded.

Check back here too. We have some really terrific Give Aways planned for Nurses Week 2018. If you have something to donate, it's not too late.

Enjoy Nurses Week!


Thursday, March 29, 2018 Honors in Top 35 Nursing Blogs

Top 35 Nursing Blog
Many thanks to for honoring as one of the Top 35 Nursing Blogs for 2018.

We are always honored and humbled to be listed among great nursing blogs. Check out their list. There are some fantastic resources.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Seeking Sponsors for 2018 Nurses Week Give Aways

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually May 6-12. For the past nine years has sponsored give aways to honor our nurse readers. We have had some great sponsors in the past and I'm looking for new and old sponsors to join us in celebrating nurses in 2018.

Sponsors Needed

If you have:
  • a book you'd like to share
  • a set of scrubs you can donate
  • a gift card towards a purchase of nurse related products 
  • a course discount to offer
  • a product to make a nurse's life easier
  • candy, flowers, pens, vein finders, ETC.

I would love to offer you some great FREE publicity in return for your generosity. 

How It works

Each day during Nurses Week (May 6-12) I publish a new post with 1-2 donated items to Give Away. You can provide me with a blurb about your product or service and a photo or two and 1-2 links to your item or website.

Nurses can enter by clicking on a link in the post which will take them to an email contact form to complete.

On May 15,  I will publish a reminder to enter (with the link to sign up) and list all of the sponsors. On May 16, I will put all the names collected into a hat and draw winners randomly. As possible, I will then try to match the names with the item they told me they most wanted to win. Everyone who enters will receive something.

Between May 17 and May 20, I will notify the winners by email and publish a list of the winners and which Give Away they have won. I will list your donated item, include a photo and link to your website or other contact info. I will then email you the winner's contact info and let you arrange directly with them the delivery of the product or service.

For your generous donation you will have your item mentioned on no less than 3 times. All posts are also shared on our Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest links as well.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nightingale Tribute for an Angel Who Leaves Us

A couple of weeks ago an angel left us. We were very blessed to know her and to call her our friend. At her memorial service I heard the Nightingale Tribute for the first time.  A colleague gave a beautiful reading in tribute to our friend. RIP Arlene.

I was surprised to have not heard of this before. I have attended far too many memorials for nurses who have been friends and colleagues. 

In researching the Nightingale Tribute I found it had been written by a nurse for the Kansas State Nurses Association in 2003.

There is a whole program from which to pick and choose such as readings, white rose presentation, and candle lighting for families and friends to help honor their loved ones who were nurses. In case you've also never seen this, I wanted to share. It makes such a wonderful tribute when an angel leaves your life.

She Was There

When a calming, quiet presence was all that was needed,
She was there.
In the excitement and miracle of birth or in the mystery and loss of
life, She was there.
When a silent glance could uplift a patient, family member of
friend, She was there.
At those times when the unexplainable needed to be explained,
She was there.
When the situation demanded a swift foot and sharp mind,
She was there.
When a gentle touch, a firm push, or an encouraging word was
needed, She was there.
In choosing the best one from a family’s “Thank You” box of
chocolates, She was there.
To witness humanity,
its beauty, in good times and bad, without
judgment, She was there.
To embrace the woes of the world, willingly, and offer hope,
She was there
And now, that it is time to be at the Greater One’s side,
She is there.
[Note: pronoun can be changed. ©2004 Duane Jaeger, RN, MSN]