Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thanks for the Recognition!!!

I am very honored to have The Everything New Nurse Book recently listed # 17 among 105 books on's Ultimate Reading List for Nurses. There are 2 editions available now.

Today I heard TheNursingSiteBlog was listed by as one of the Top 14 Nursing Blogs of 2014. WOW!

I was also featured on a recent posting from Terpening Insurance with several other top nurse writers discussing Don’t Let Winter Drag You Down: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy

These are terrific honors, and coming from peer groups they really mean a lot!!! Thanks so much for the recognition.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Highway Hypodermics a Premier Guide for Travel Nurses

When nurse authors meet, they swap autographed copies of their books. Epstein LaRue (Epi also known as Kay in the real world)  and I recently met for lunch to celebrate our half birthday. We share July 27 as our real birthday. Epi is now working in So CA as a travel nurse and we just had to find time to meet face to face finally and celebrate! And to swap books and have a photo op.
photo (c)Tim Quan : nurse authors Epstein LaRue and Kathy Quan

The Highway Hypodermics series is the premier guide for travel nurses in my mind, and Epi is the guru. I never had a need or reason to travel professionally, but in writing about the many aspects of nursing for and now my own sites, I had to reach beyond my comfort zone of home health and hospice and discover all I could about other options and roles. Travel nursing really caught my interest.

In 2007, Epi sent me a copy of Highway Hypodermics Travel Nursing 2007 to review for the now defunct nursing site at and I fell in love with the field all the while knowing I would probably never try it myself. Based on what I learned, I've written many travel articles for my sites as well as others such as (when it was still owned by Aaron Cooper).

The book she gave me recently is Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012 which enjoys the distinction for 2012 as #1 book on Amazon in Nursing Issues, Trends, and Roles for the kindle version. She's working on a new edition for 2014. Epi's writing style is conversational and she covers everything you might possibly need to know about how to be a happy and successful travel nurse. Epi clearly enjoys the adventures herself and shares her secrets!

There are many options for travel nurses from housing to transportation to traveling with a family and pets. What does it take to become a travel nurse? It's clearly not an option for everyone.
Then you need to figure out other issues. Where do you want to live? What type of accommodations do you need? How do you manage to travel with school aged children? What happens if the assignment is a disaster? How do you decide which travel company/recruiter to use?How to deal with the politics.

Epstein LaRue takes you through the process step-by-step and prepares you for your next life as a travel nurse. You'll step into the role with ease and comfort because you know what to expect and how to handle almost every conceivable situation and then some. For anyone considering travel nursing, or even a seasoned traveler, this book is a must have!

There are profiles of travel companies written by the companies themselves and blurbs from a number of travelers about their own experiences on the road. As the world of travel nursing changes due to things such as new laws, regs, and demands from employers, Epi is right on top of them to bring you the latest information.

There's also a lot of information in her book that can be helpful to visiting nurses and health professionals who make home health and hospice visits to patient's home.  Any tips that can make it easy to handle being on the road all day and facing obstacles such as the Polar Vortex of a winter we've had across the country are always welcome!

Epi is active on social media sites so follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Find her blog and website online. Stay up to date with travel nursing.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Landau “Making Lives Better” Scholarship Launches Today

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