Sunday, September 26, 2010

When We Have 100 Members....

When we reach 100 members of TheNursingSiteGroup on Facebook, we will put all the names in a hat and have a drawing for some small prizes, such as DVDs and books. So invite your friends and colleagues to join as well.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nursing Site Group on Facebook

Join our new group on Facebook. Post a discussion, share your ideas, support the nursing profession.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

National Drug Take-Back Day 9/25/10

On September 25, 2010, the U.S. Justice Dept Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is sponsoring a national Drug Take-Back Day in cooperation with local and state law enforcement agencies. The public can rid their medicine cabinets of no longer used prescription and over the counter medications free of charge, anonymously and no questions asked. This is a national effort to get medications out of reach of those who might be tempted to abuse them. 

Collection sites will be in service from 10 Am to 2 PM. Get more information about the program and your local collection site here

NOTE:if you get a timed out notice, look for the Start Over link and it will take you to the page you need. Also if you click the "back" which is next to the "submit" button, you'll get back to the information page. Sorry that's the way their site works.

photo: Kathy Quan RN

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why Choose CNA as a Stepping Stone Career in the Medical Field?

Guest Post from Catherine Bynes at

You might want to consider training to receive your nursing assistant certification if you want to have a career in the medical field but are not yet able or ready to spend the time or money for a more advanced career.  It is not uncommon for individuals to start out as a CNA before furthering their career.

There are many benefits of using a job as a CNA as a stepping-stone in the medical field.  It only takes a few weeks and a few hundred dollars to become a certified nursing assistant.  You have the opportunity to start a career in healthcare without spending a great deal of time or money. 

You can work in a healthcare facility after your CNA Training course is completed. The job will help you learn what it is like to work various shifts and to sometimes be working long hours.  It will provide you with experience as to how to provide the best care for your patients even when you are tired or working shifts that you are not used to working. 

When you are working as a certified nursing assistant, you can learn what it is like to work under stress and in a fast-paced environment.  You will be able to evaluate whether or not this type of job environment is right for you. 

As you become a part of the healthcare team, you will get a real understanding as to whether or not a career in the medical field is right for you.  If you determine it is, you can pursue a further career in the medical field when you are ready.

A job as a CNA will provide you with a way to earn a good income while you pursue a career in the medical field.  You will be able to be employed while you attend school and start on your path to a more advanced career in the medical field.  This will provide you with the opportunity to continuing gaining experience in the healthcare industry.

Sometimes employers will provide some tuition assistance for certified nursing assistants who are interested in becoming nurses or entering into other healthcare training programs.  This is something worth looking into if you have a good working relationship with your employer. 

Many nursing schools are now requiring applicants to hold a nursing assistant certification.  If you want to become a nurse, you will already be one step ahead of the game. You might find that it is easier to be accepted into a new program of study in the healthcare industry because you are a certified nursing assistant. 

A job as a CNA is a good stepping-stone if you are considering becoming a nurse or some other type of healthcare provider somewhere down the line.  You can begin gaining valuable experience working in the healthcare industry. 

For more on becoming a CNA or a nurse see The Nursing Site