Thursday, June 24, 2010

National Nurse Act Needs ANA Support- NOW

The ANA has elected a new president to serve for the next two years. Her name is Karen Daley. I know that there are many of us who hope that the new board will be more devoted to supporting nurses and the nursing profession and less affected by the power and role as others have been in the past.

To that end, I sincerely hope that the new ANA Board will look closely at the National Nurse proposal and add the ANA's support to this very important issue. Kim McAllister at Emergiblog has written an excellent open letter to the ANA asking for their support of the National Nurse campaign. Read and comment on her blog.  And you can email Karen Daley at ANA to ask her for ANA's support.

The National Nurse Act of 2010 now has 15 Congressional members signed on in support!!!  Please contact YOUR Congression representative and ask him/her to support this measure. (I wish I could say I have been successful in gaining the support of my representative, but he is only interested in measures that support his interests and those of special interest groups who financially back him.) Read more about how student nurses view this issue.

Edith Shain-- VJ Day Nurse Dies

Edith Shain was kissed by a U.S. sailor in Times Square on VJ Day August 14, 1945, and the picture has been an iconic image of patriotism and nurses ever since. The sailor was never identified.

Famed photographer Alfred Eisenstadt  snapped the picture for LIFE Magazine as part of the celebration of the end of World War II.

Shain was a registered nurse at the time of the photograph. She passed away last week on June 20, 2010, in Los Angeles.  She was 91.  Read more about her life at her official family website.

photo: from Wikepedia

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quotes to Entertain and Inspire recently published a list of 100 Entertaining and Inspiring Quotes for Nurses to "help inspire you or make you laugh and make your day a little brighter." Enjoy!

Happy Father's Day!

Wishing all the dads a very Happy Father's Day! It takes a special person to become a nurse and many more men are joining the ranks of some of the finest nurses! Thanks and have a special day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HawthoRNe Available on DVD

On June 15, 2010, Sony Pictures will release the first season of HawthoRNe starring Jada Pinkett Smith on DVD.

The TNT popular drama features Christina Hawthorne RN (Pinkett Smith) a recently-widowed nursing director in her struggles with her teenage daughter, bureaucratic hospital administrators, egotistical doctors and burned out nurses.

The series also stars:
    * Jada Pinkett-Smith
    * Joanna Cassidy
    * Michael Vartan
    * Christina Moore
    * David Julian Hirsh
    * Suleka Mathew
    * Hannah Hodson

To celebrate the release, Sony Pictures has offered special bundled DVD deals (including the HawthoRNe DVD) to hospitals and nursing websites for their lending library as a promotion.  In the interest of full disclosure, my intention is to donate some of the DVDs to hospice lending library where I work, and to give away some to my readers as well. Stay tuned for details next week.

The HawthoRNe series DVD will also feature special clips such as:
    * All In A Day’s Work - A Conversation With Jada Pinkett Smith
    * Inside Richmond Trinity
    * Get To Know The Cast Of HawthoRNe
    * HawthoRNe Medical School
    * Male Nurses
    * Shooting A Scene - Visual Effects
    * HawthoRNe's Heroes

View a clip from the pilot episode.  

 HawthoRNe will be available in your local DVD retail outlets as of Tuesday, June 15.

photo: courtesy Sony Pictures and MAMMOTH

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Hear About Success Stories

It's graduation season and let's take a moment to congratulate all the new nurses!!!! Good luck with your boards and your new careers.

But for far too many new nurses, the age old story of graduating college and having difficulty finding a job is becoming a common thread. And yet we're still saying there's a shortage of nurses!!! But where are the jobs??

Unfortunately the downturn in the economy found many of us putting off retirement and even returning to work for financial stability. And as many of us know, especially many old timers like myself... hospital administrators cut nursing jobs first and expect the remaining staff to pick up the slack.

Many states have staffing ratio laws, but hospitals are pushing the envelope and getting away with it. Nurses at UC hospitals throughout CA were banned from a one-day strike protesting this problem this week, but they're making noise about the issue.

We also to continue to hear that there are huge needs for nurses in places like Hawaii. And there will be all across the US as the economy recovers and nurses do finally retire.

Have you been able to find a job as a new nurse? Please share your success story with us in the COMMENTS section. Perhaps you did something unique. Or your location really does need nurses now. Clue us in.
Thanks for your help!!!

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