Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nurses Week T Shirt Contest

Patrick Fuerstenau at Medical Solutions alerted me to a contest they are having for Nurses Week. Design a T Shirt at and be entered in their contest. Please VOTE for my design here. (Thanks).  The contest continues through Nurses Week which ends May 12.

Stereotyping Nurses Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

In another great post, Sara Ellis at has hit the topic on the head once again! Negative stereotypes of nurses really do hurt patients.

Nurses don't get the respect and therefore we don't get the money to help us educate nurse educators and new nurses to take on the roles that nurses really do in real life. In the long run, the nursing shortage is going to impact more and more lives. And the quality of care will affect too many.

If only we could convince viewers to watch the drama and NOT believe everything they see about nurses on TV and in the movies. The writers of these shows are not nurses and even if they have a nurse as a consult, real life doesn't always make for the best entertainment. They have an agenda to meet as well. How many male roles and how many female roles to develop? Which ones are the strongest to attract the best actors? In the end, the program has little to do with any of the careers portrayed.

For example, Castle is one of my favorite shows. But how many police departments would let an author do all of the things Richard Castle does on that show?

So if you really want to watch Nurse Jackie, it's not bad story line and the acting is good....but it degrades nurses to death!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Nurse Resolution Presented at NSNA

Portland Community College student delegates presented a Resolution to the NSNA Convention in Orlando Florida last evening (4/9/10).  Resolution A was in support of a National Nurse. PCC Nurse Presenters were:
  • Craig Grover SN, PCC SNA Chapter Membership Coordinator, Resolution Co-author
  • Jennifer Reed SN, PCC SNA Chapter Treasurer, Resolution Co-author
  • Elizabeth McPhee SN, PCC SNA Chapter Treasurer, Resolution Co-author
This convention provides an excellent opportunity for student nurses to participate in and observe democracy in action as they learn more about furthering the causes and promoting legislation to support the nursing profession and healthcare. Congrats to these and all of the NSNA attendees!!!

  Photos courtesy of Elizabeth McPhee SN.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Advance Your Nursing Degree Now

Here's a guest post from Julie Blanche at Nursing Student Tutor.

5 Reasons Now is a Great Time to Advance Your Nursing Degree

Are you a nurse who has been mulling over the idea of going back to school for an advanced degree or certification in the nursing field? Now is an excellent time to take the plunge that will bring your career to new levels in the coming years. But what makes now such a great time?

Beat the Rush

The "Baby Boomer" generation is now aging fast. This means that there is a greater need than ever before for specialized fields in the career or nursing just as the need for regular nurses is growing. Getting in now for an advanced degree will give you a head start when needs rise and shortages in these specialized position reaches critical stages.

This means you have the opportunity to get in now and get your education, and some experience, before the need, and as a result compensation, for these nursing positions really sees a huge increase. You'll be out of school with your advanced degree in hand gaining valuable practical experience while others are just beginning to enroll in these programs. It's a win-win situation for you.

Earn the Respect of your Peers

The sooner you do this, the sooner you are available for advancement. This will not only earn you the respect of your peers but also those who make hiring decisions. Administrators love to see nurses who are real go-getters. They want to see nurses that are committed to success on a personal and professional level. This is just one more way to earn respect and admiration by the people who can help you seriously advance your career.

Gain Valuable Personal Fulfillment

If you're thinking about it now, then now is a good time to do it. You'll feel better about yourself and be in a position that is much better suited to help the people you care for once you earn your advanced degree and certifications in the nursing field.

No career move is a good move if it doesn't work to make you feel good about yourself, your future, and the world of possibilities ahead of you. There are very few advanced degrees in nursing that do not provide nurses the opportunity to really help other people. If this is your goal then advanced studies, education, and training can help you achieve that goal.

Income Opportunity

In a world where almost every industry is being negatively impacted by the economy there is one field that is growing in demand and income. That is the medical field. Why is that? The laws of supply and demand make this growth possible. People are living longer. Baby boomers are aging. The population of the world is growing and so is the need for qualified professionals to care for all these people.

The more specialized and "in demand" the skill is, the greater the compensation or income for those who are qualified will be. All nurses, for the time being, enjoy some degree of financial security and job stability. The higher the degree and certification the greater the possibilities for income and demand become.