Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes, Nurse Practitioners Can (and Should) Make More Money than Some Doctors

Nurses have battled the image of being doctor's helpers for so long and sometimes it seems as if we have broken through that barrier, and other times it feels as if we are being stuffed right back into that box.

Whether or not Congress ever gets the health care reform passed, there are many changes that must take place in order for the quality and affordability of health care to improve and meet the challenges of this new decade and beyond.

Nurse practitioners have grown to be one of the most well respected branches of the nursing profession and yet the public has yet to come to the same conclusion. Too many don't understand the vital role NPs play in health care today. Additionally legislation has held back the progress of autonomy for many of our colleagues and why should that be ?????

Recently, Sara Ellis at RNDegrees.Net posted a couple of excellent blogs dealing with issues facing nurse practitioners today. One is a response to a report on CNN about family practice doctors complaining that NP's make more money than they do. Here's a snippet of her comments...

"As I recently pointed out in Family Practice Docs Upset That Some Nurses Earn More, only 2% of fourth-year medical students plan to work in primary care after graduation (according to a survey published in JAMA in September 2008), so isn’t it high time the AMA stopped it’s lobbying efforts to hold Nurse Practitioners down and put the interests of patient’s first?."

Please check out these important blog entries! Sara encourages nurses to weigh in and comment, so please do so. This is an important issue for all nurses as we move forward and educate the public about nursing, health care and wellness.