Friday, May 15, 2009

GMA Airs Segment on Denture Cream Poisonings

Last week, Good Morning America aired a segment on zinc poisoning as a side effect of overuse of denture creams. They interviewed Ellen Isaacs, a patient suffering from neurological symptoms as well as Eric Chaffin, a partner at Bernstein Liebhard LLP, who has filed several lawsuits against the makers of Super PolyGrip and Fixodent for not warning consumers about the possible risks of overdose of zinc from using too much of their product.

You can view the GMA segment here:

Please help to educate the public about the possible harm from overusing denture creams. When used in small amounts as directed, the creams are apparently safe. People who have ill fitting dentures often use more than the recommended amount to ease the problem. And some people wear their dentures 24/7 which can also lead to over exposure to zinc. Read more about this issue.