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National CPR Association Honors the

I recently received notice that TheNursingSiteBlog was chosen as one of the Top 10 Blogs for Nurses in 2016 by the National CPR Association. I am always humbled to be honored and to be listed in such great company. Please check out the other 9 blogs in this list. They are all terrific! Thank you National CPR Association.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

American Healthcare is in Jeopardy

Healthcare is on the front burner in American politics. The new regime has promised to overturn the ACA (Affordable Care Act) aka "Obamacare," something that has been tried many times since it became law and has failed. This time it might not. And they have assured us they intend to act swiftly. We need to act now!!

What are the consequences?
It is TERRIFYING to think that the action may be taken without a thought or care as to what to do after the fact.  Suddenly literally Millions of Americans could find themselves without ANY health insurance and NO options.

For years the Republican party has shouted they have a better plan and idea, but never once have they brought forth any ideas for change except to dump it all together despite multiple invitations from President Obama. NOW is the time to speak up and make a better plan.

The ACA is not perfect
It was never a clean bill. For one thing it is cluttered with so many extraneous attachments that have nothing to do with healthcare whatsoever. The bill is over 900 pages and really only about 100 pages actually pertain to the ACA.

It was flawed bill from the beginning particularly when no restraints were placed on insurance companies to continue to gouge employers, individuals, and pay providers intentionally minute payments. The business of health insurance was basically untouched. The CEOs still receive enormous salaries and bonuses and the insurance companies have done their best to build a maze to confuse and frustrate!!! There were better options, but they were defeated.
On a personal note: my ACA policy's rates continue to rise exponentially every year. BUT despite that, the alternative would absolutely bankrupt me if I had to once again pay out of pocket just for medications for my family member. I'm STILL paying the credit card bills from several years of no insurance due to the preexisting conditions  that the ACA eliminated.
Another complication stems from basing premiums on the number of insured in a particular plan. There are simply too many plans and not enough people in each one to keep the costs down!! The process must be simplified without sacrificing options. The healthy don't need to have the same plan as someone with multiple conditions and medications, but neither needs to be penalized. It can be done. There just needs to be care and consideration of consequences and an effort to work together for the best for all Americans!!

Healthcare is NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE!! 
It should not be treated as an "Us vs Them" matter. We have to get real about this. Bullying has NO place! There are so many new illnesses and viruses and challenges facing us every year in addition to the fact that we have an aging population with a whole different set of challenges. We are ALL affected equally. And no one is immune.

Despite it's problems, the ACA has afforded millions more Americans with some form of healthcare and saved so very many from needless
suffering and death with medications and treatments they otherwise had no access to or means to afford. More children than ever before have access to wellness and preventative care to set them on the right foot towards long, healthy lives.

We are not a 3rd world country! We need to fight to remain a world leader and to retain respect especially in the global economy and healthcare realms. We can't do that if we don't take care of our own!!

Healthcare Professionals Need to Unite and Educate
As healthcare professionals we need to stand together and fight for a better plan for all Americans; not to eliminate it all together. We need to be bold enough to demand insurance companies provide affordable options and assistance to everyone and reasonable payments to providers.

Most importantly, we need to contact our legislators (most of whom remain from the previous term) and make them aware of the measure of crisis they can create if the abolish the ACA with wild abandonment and don't make provisions. Better yet, work together as a TEAM and fix the ACA. We cannot return to having more than half of our population without healthcare. It's simple Email or Call your legislators today!

PREVENTION Lowers Risks and Costs
As nurses we are charged with the most important role of patient education. When 50% of the population doesn't understand enough about their own health status, needs, prevention and care we have to step up to the plate and educate them.

By improving the process of PREVENTION and lowering the RISKS, we help to lower the overall costs. If we deny Americans access again, the RISKS will rise again and only drive costs higher and higher. NONE of us can afford that!!!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Certified Nursing Assistant Training

By Muhammad Ahmad 

The most practical approach to adopt when you have decided to become a nurse is to become a CNA or a Certified Nursing Assistant as a first step. From there you may decide you love being a CNA, or decide to follow your plan to become a practical or registered nurse. To become a CNA, you have to pass the CNA training course and then a state CNA exam.

Just like in any other course of study, you have to do really well in it to be eligible to take the state CNA exam. And you have to do well on the exam to become certified to practice as a CNA. Once you are done with your course and exam, and you are extremely motivated, no one can stop you from becoming a excellent Certified Nursing Assistant.

To become a CNA, you should be well prepared. Here are some awesome guidelines which can lead you down the path to become the best CNA.

1. Get Your Horses Ready from High School
While getting your horses ready is just an expression, you should start preparing yourself for becoming a CNA while in high school or even before. You should opt for those subjects which revolve around health care and science. You have to be able to work with math minimally at a 7th grade level (which includes adding, subtracting, multiplication and some division.) You also have to prove your competency to read and write English, and the better you are at these, the easier it will be to compete in school and in the job arena.

Taking extra courses related to the health field can be a big advantage because you will get to know about a lot of health care issues from an early age. This can also help you in preparing for your CNA  exam. As you become familiar with the various anatomical functions of a human body, this will help you provide the best care for your patients suffering from different diseases.

2. Get Your Diploma or GED
The basic requirement for CNA training is to be a high school graduate. So, if you are still in school and aspiring to serve people by becoming a CNA, you should keep working hard to get your high school diploma. However, if for some reason you are not able to get your diploma, then you should obtain a GED to qualify for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant .

3. Enroll in a CNA Training Certification Program
Different types of CNA training programs are offered nationwide. Some have a short duration, while the others have a considerably longer one. And the prices for tuition varies greatly as well. The type of a job you will get depends entirely upon the training program you undergo, so do your research.

Every CNA training program requires 75 hours of clinical and classroom training. Keep it in mind that you will have to participate in clinical hours as well as classroom hours and pass the CNA exam. Some programs will arrange and schedule the practical hours for you, and some require you find your own source. There is no need to take your training in a rush. This training is really important as it will teach you all the requirements to become a good CNA. Take your time and learn as much as you can.

4. Take Your CNA Exam
The CNA exam is taken at the state level. Every training program clearly tells you where and when you can take your exam. The state board of nursing is the main body behind this decision. However, understand that your exam date will not necessarily fall right after the day when your finish your training. Sometimes, aspiring CNAs have to wait for a few weeks after completing their training to take the exam. So be sure to keep studying.

This exam basically determines how much you have learned during your training program. The written part of the exam mostly consists of multiple choice questions to test your level of understanding through some conceptual questions. There is also a practical part to the test in which you have to demonstrate what you have learned during all that time spent in the clinical part. You will be assigned to take care of a patient in front of the examiner and demonstrate practically what you have learned to show that you can practice safely as a CNA.

5. Get Your Certification and Apply for a Job
Once you are done with your exams, you will apply for and receive your certificate in the mail and then be able to start applying for jobs. Remember to keep up with your continuing education hours to renew your certification per your state’s requirement approximately every one to two years. 

Muhammad Ahmad is a certified nursing assistant specialist advisor who has helped many students as well nurses guiding them the best path to become a certified nursing assistant. His current project includes various articles and affiliated videos.(Photo credits: Shutterstock)

Thanks Muhammad !

Friday, October 28, 2016

Compression Socks Winning Over Nurses

Wow it's been awhile hasn't it? Well life happens and things turn on a dime. And slowly you pick yourself up and move forward again. My MIL is now living with us as we continue with renovations to my home and deal with the clutter and dirt! Oh such fun!!!! I think I need to work just to feel normal and get some relief!

Meanwhile, I received a complimentary sample of Fresh Legs TM compression socks a few weeks ago just before life got totally crazy. Compression socks are being touted as miracles for nurses and I understand exactly why that is. They do make your legs feel better and give you the ability to be on your feet for hours with far less pain and discomfort.

My job is primarily a desk job, but since they work well for traveling and sitting for long hours, they do help keep my ankles and legs from swelling.

Fresh Legs TM offer a large variety of colors and styles including compression sleeves for legs and a comfort sock as well. They have both contemporary and classic designs for men and women, and the socks are very well made. The wide seamless toe box is great!

I've tried some other brands that unraveled after the first washing, but these hold up quite well. Some other brands have become way too tight to wear after a first washing, but these didn't do that either. Give them a look.

UPDATE: Use code FRESH101 on your first order and save 30%

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Everything New Nurse Book Honors

Many thanks to Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse for including The Everything New Nurse Book in her compilation of 5 Excellent Books Written For Nurses By Nurses.

I'm always humbled and honored to listed in such good company especially when it comes from peers. Check out all of these books. They are all terrific (and also make great gifts for new grads.)

The Everything New Nurse Book is at #9 on the Amazon Best Seller's in Nursing Issues, Trends and Roles list this week. There is also a second edition, and a 2014 updated version titled as The New Nurse Handbook, also available on

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September 11, 2011

It started out just like any other day. Then in an instant, everything changed on a dime! It was surreal, it was unbelievable, it was sad beyond comprehension. And the world stood still in disbelief. We will all remember where we were and how we heard the news. And we will Never Forget!

If you've not been to the site, I highly suggest it. It's a life-altering moment. I had visited the World Trade Center many years before. I hope someday to be able to visit the memorial, but I've stood at Ground Zero and seen the devastation.

The world came together to comfort one another and to work towards peace fro quite awhile afterwards. Let us always remember that as well especially in these days of turmoil.We proved we can all get along. Let's don't forget that either!

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Listed as one of the Top 25 Nursing Blogs of 2016 has compiled a list of the "Top 25 Nursing Blogs of 2016."

We are honored and grateful to be listed along with all these fabulous resources for nurses and those who aspire to become nurses.  They also listed! Thanks for the double recognition!

Please take the time to check out this site and to look around at all the great sites in this list. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Wound Care Specializion Role in Nursing Care

Wound care is a rapidly growing need in the nursing community. As the population ages, more focus is on older people who are more sedentary and often chair or bed bound making them more vulnerable to rapidly deteriorating pressure wounds and deep tissue injuries. These can become life threatening in a very short time if not treated appropriately.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and home health and hospice agencies often rely upon wound care specialists to lead the charge in prevention and treatment education of other staff. As we are discovering quickly there is a tremendous shortage of specialized nurses with wound care education and experience. This is a great way to expand your resume and expertise for your nursing career.

The College of Long Term Care offers 2 dates for wound care certification for RNs, LV/PNs, nursing home personnel and other health care professionals. See announcement below:

(Continuing Education Credit & Certification Offered In This Growing Area of Care)

August 26-28, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA (Weekend Course) at the LA Convention Center

October 5-7, 2016 – New Orleans, LA

The growing problem of pressure wounds is especially challenging for nursing homes that have had to send their residents to specialty clinics and hospitals for treatment,” said Bardia Anvar, M.D., founder of Skilled Wound Care and the College of Long Term Care. “This is especially costly when you factor in ambulance transportation, lifting and moving patients in delicate health, admittance to the hospital and surgical care. Also, the simple act of transporting patients can lead to the onset of additional pressure wounds. By teaching staff how to prevent such wounds and identify them at the earliest stages, we can reverse these troubling statistics.”

The courses sponsored by the College of Long Term Care will reveal these basic facts about caring for wounds:

  • Avoid excess baths (should only bathe for 3-5 minutes 2-3 times per week)
  • Keep water temperature lukewarm – not hot
  • Add bath oil
  • Do not use most soap products as they contain detergent (Dove is the exception)
  • Do not use washcloths
  • Pat dry
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing and reapply 4 times each day
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Avoid caffeine, spices and alcohol

To enroll or for more information, call (866) WOUND-80 or visit

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ladies in White Ringtone for Apple Products

Several years ago I was honored to make the acquaintance of Pete Dowan on Facebook. He hail's from Canada and he's a musician who has written many warm and heartfelt songs often based on his life experiences.

Pete has spent a considerable portion of his life in the hospital and under the care and supervision of doctors and nurses. He developed a strong affection and respect for nurses and one of his songs is a tribute to The Ladies in White

Pete has received many requests for the song to become a RINGTONE, and today he notified me that this has come to fruition. So far it's ONLY available for Apple "iProducts" such as iPhone, iPad. You can get your ringtone here from the iTunes store. (NOTE: You MUST access this link directly from your iPhone or iPad to be able to access the ringtone. We in the U.S. will have to be patient. It should be available soon. Canadians can enjoy it now. UPDATE : it's available NOW. I bought mine today 6/19) Enjoy!