Thursday, July 30, 2015

Review: Beyond Scrubs Compression Socks

Scrubs and Beyond graciously donated a $50 gift card to our Nurses Week Giveaways in May. They asked me recently if I would review their compression socks and I requested the black argyle pair.

I have to say I do love them. My nursing job entails a lot of sitting at a computer for long hours. And so my legs get tired and uncomfortable. In the hot summer, and especially with the humidity we Californians are NOT used to, my feet swell by the end of the day.

On the days when I have worn these compression socks, I notice a big difference. If I had to stand all day or be in and out of the car and patients homes as my nursing career path took me, I would definitely see an even bigger difference! They are affordably priced and come in a multitude of styles and colors. Try some for yourself.

Scrubs and Beyond is graciously extending an 20% offer  through 6/30/16 to readers of TheNursingSiteBlog. Use the coupon code when ordering.
Coupon code: TNSB20
This coupon code is good through 6/30/2016

20% off your entire purchase. Offer valid through 06/30/16 on the regular price items. Excludes Dansko, Littmann, Workwear, Birkenstock, Code Happy, Barco, Grey's Anatomy, Cherokee, Dickies, Koi, Alegria, HeartSoul, NrG by Barco, ICU by Barco, previous purchases, gift cards, shipping, and tax. Not to be combined with other offers or discounts.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Recognition Continues for TheNursingSiteBlog

Recently I've learned that The Nursing Site Blog has been honored by more sources. I'm very humbled and honored to be in such great company with these accolades. THANK YOU so much!

It's always an honor to be recognized. And when you find yourself in great company of other blogs/bloggers you admire it makes it even more special. Thanks so much! Please check out these sites and see who else is on the lists.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

4 Ways to Ensure You Are Drinking Enough Water

By Jeff Bellinghausen, a health and fitness fanatic and founder of, a resource for aspiring nurses. 

You're running from patient to patient, it's a typical busy day on the ward. Suddenly, that little niggly headache pain comes across you. You take a quick glance at the clock and it's still two hours until your shift is complete. It's going to be a loooong two hours.

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Sound familiar? It's highly likely that the little niggle you feel is a direct result of not having taken enough water on board.

The absolute fact is that nursing staff, many of whom juggle shift work (and busy shifts at that!), family and other life commitments. Because of the constant rush, maintaining adequate water consumption throughout the day can be a struggle.

To help you get through your next stretch of shifts, minus the niggle in the head, here are 5 ways to ensure you are adequately hydrated throughout the day!

This is not a drink more water lecture.

Yes, you've heard it before and of course you know that water is essential for maintaining normal bodily function. You're a nurse so you don't need a lecture on the way the human body works!

Let's look at a simple tactics for getting enough water on board during the day.

How to Ensure you Drink Enough Water

  1. Get ahead early: Make drinking a full glass of water immediately in the morning a priority. Do you make a coffee early on? While the pot is boiling or the coffee machine is making that all-important morning coffee, drink a cup of water. This puts you on the right track early.
  2. Make meal time drink time: Apply the same principal to the beginning of meals. Let's say you have a morning snack and then lunch, by simply consuming a glass of water before you start to eat, or at the very least, whilst you eat will give you another two cups on board before lunch.
  3. Give yourself a visual: In addition to your pre-coffee and pre-meal water consumption, giving yourself a visual reminder to drink is a great way to keep it top of mind so carry a drink container with you throughout the day. Having it with you in your vehicle will give you a constant reminder to sip away and taking it into work with you provides the same reminder. If you give yourself a goal to consume the contents of the water container prior to dinner, you are well on your way to enough water consumption!
  4. Finish up early: Of course, you don't want to be getting up throughout the night so the last thing you want to happen is having to constantly head to the bathroom! Setting yourself a goal to have your last major water consumption taking place during dinner will ensure that you get enough water during the day, along with enough sleep at night!
Wrapping Up:

Reading is one thing, doing is another. Make yourself a diary note to try one or more of the tips above and enjoy the benefits of feeling fresher throughout the day!

Thanks Jeff for this info!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Time to Kick Start Your Nursing Career?

Are you truly HAPPY with your nursing job? If not, do you blame others for it? I know I have. That awful manager who never listens, or the CEO who pockets all the money and leaves us working so short-handed and with our licenses at risk never mind the patients. Grrrr I hated my job!

I have spent years working in jobs I hated and blamed it on everyone else. The worst part of the jobs were that the most mundane parts felt like a trained monkey could do them. They were wasting my skills talents and abilities. And to top it off,  they wanted me do even MORE of the mundane part! Oh joy! There were good parts and perks to those jobs, but it never felt like they outweighed the boring, mundane, parts that seemed to stretch on and on.

I wish I had had a book like Your Next Shift, How to Kick Your Nursing Career into High Gear by Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN back then. Scala speaks from her heart and leads the reader through exercises which require honesty and hard looks at the whole picture.  And then she provides tips and ways to turn all of the fears, doubts, and negativity into positive outlooks and the means to make the changes necessary to have FUN being yourself while learning to LOVE your nursing career again.

"What we say is simple, doesn't always turn out to be easy to do in practice," strikes a chord with me. It's never easy to take a long hard look in the mirror and be completely honest with yourself. But to find your true desires, needs and goals, it's a necessity. Setting goals and making plans can be the easy part. Carrying it out, can be nearly impossible if you don't have the motivation. This can be especially true when "I didn't even know what I didn't even know." Time to take a breath and work on this process.

Scala hits the nail on the head in this book as she did with Nursing From Within. Her writing style is conversational which makes it easy to read and follow. And in the fall of 2015, she will bring it all together with a fantastic Live Workshop on October 26-27. 

This wonderful book is another MUST READ and must have for your nursing and personal care library. The missing component in nursing school is the self-care module. It's vital to the survival for any nurse. And if you're a nurse entrepreneur, your success can also be greatly enhanced by the tips Scala shares.

Buy your copy today! You'll get a discount for the live workshop when you purchase from the website. You can also find a few sneak peeks there too.

This post is part of the Virtual Book Tour. Follow along and see what others are saying about this terrific book.

Watch a trailer about the book and coming webinar series on You Tube. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Great Resources and Books for Nurses

It's time to catch up again....

First please turn your attention to a great posting from They asked me and several nurse writers/bloggers to weigh in on How to Deal With On-the-Job Stress. As we all know or will discover, stress affects everyone. And it affects us in very different ways. Self-care as nurses is vital to maintaining our own health status as well as being able to continue to give to your patients.

Next up, a few overdue book reviews

 RN Goldrush by Benjamin Storie,  RN who shares many interesting stories from his own life and career. After having to retire for health reasons, Storie took some time to reflect back on his career as a nurse and to write about the issue that so many nurses face when they begin to burn out because their career path is no longer what the want or need.

Too often nurses feel stuck and end up making the choice to abandon their career instead of investigating options and making choices to transfer their skills to a new niche. With a tremendous shortage of nurses looming when Baby Boomers retire, we can ill afford for nurses to leave the profession.  Storie offers a multitude of options and adventures for nurses needing a new choice. It's available from Amazon Kindle.

My Journey on Becoming a Nurse is from Verlia M. Brown, MA, RN, BC. Brown is a past president of the New York State Nurses Association and a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. The book chronicles her quest to become a nurse in the 1970's. Verilia is Jamacan born and emigrated to the U.S.  in 1967. She attended Kings County Hospital Center School of Nursing and received her diploma in nursing.

The book chronicles her life from birth on through to realizing her greatest desire to become a nurse. Brown has had an interesting career during some very difficult times in the social history of America. She overcame many obstacles thrown into her path and the book serves to inspire anyone who wants to become a nurse to take the leap. The book is available on in Kindle, hardcover and paperback.

For those of you who are or know someone who is, writing a dissertation or capstone, Karen Roush PhD, APN, has written an excellent guide to help you not only begin but finish your work. A Nurse's Step by Step Guide to Writing Your Dissertation or Capstone is a MUST HAVE for every nursing student's library.

Even if you're not writing papers for advanced degree nursing, this book can help guide you through writing any type of paper. It will also inspire you to achieve that higher degree you've been avoiding because of the fear of having to write a dissertation.  The book is an easy read and as it's title suggests, it's a step-by-step guide. It's also available from and is available in Kindle or paperback. I suggest the paperback. It's worth every penny!

Four Seasons of Grieving: A Nurse's Journey to Healing With Nature by A. Lynne Wagner, EdD, MSN, RN, FACCE is a short, small book filled with insight and personal experience of the loss of her mother and her journey as a nurse to work through the grieving process. Lynne guides the reader through the journey of lass not only as the daughter, but as a nurse helping patients and other nurses and health care professionals to see grief from both sides.

Through the winter of surrender, the spring of forgiveness, the summer of gratitude, and finally the fall of compassion, Wagner shows us how to move through and grow from the experience of loss beginning with the chaos brought on by the charges loss brings us to the realization that this journey of healing helps us to be able to celebrate life and find compassion and love despite the loss we suffered.  Loss is universal and for nurses, it's part of what we do everyday. Healing journeys help us to continue to give back. Available from it would make a great gift.

And here's a link to a terrific eBook from Simmons College of Nursing that I had the pleasure to contribute to: Nurse Stories, My Defining Moment.  The book is filled with great experiences from nurses in many different aspects of care.

Happy reading and blessed healing to all!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Chosen as One of the Top 15 Health Career Bloggers

I was thrilled to receive the email announcing the latest honor for has listed us as one of the Top 15 Health Career Bloggers to Follow.  It's always nice to see your work validated and appreciated. Thank you.

Check out their site too they have some terrific information about health care careers and what's required and expected. Nursing isn't always for everyone, but perhaps another career path in health care can become your dream profession.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nurses Week Give Away Winners

I hope each and every one of you had a great Nurses Week!!! If we had magic wands we could make all those wishes come true. There is good legislation in the federal and state legislatures regarding a National Nurse for Pubic Health, safe staffing, school nurses, allowing NPs to order home health care, and many other nursing issues.

I encourage you to get involved in these campaigns and work to improve nursing for yourselves and all nurses. In turn it will improve patient care. As we move closer to the 2016 election year, investigate candidate's views on nursing and health care. Bombard them with your thoughts and ideas to educate them about the things nurses and patients experience. And get them to commit to a platform that includes health care issues.

I want to THANK each of you who posted comments here, on Facebook and emailed them to me. To select winners and make sure every entry got a prize, I had to put your names in a hat and draw them for some of the prizes, I hope everyone can use the prize the won, or has a nurse or student nurse to pass it along to.


Give Away #1-- Nabee Socks:
  • Carrie-Anne Alvares
  • Barbara Notte

Give Away #2 -- Stethoscopes from Discount Medical Supplies
  • Melissa Way
  • Gaby Juarez
  • Crystal Johnson
  • April Trees
  • Lisa Moore
  • Andrew Parks
  • Sarah Weeks
  • Julie Smith
  • Marie Demonbreun-Guffee
  • Brenda Britton Pitrowski

Give Away #3 -- Autographed copy of The New Nurse Handbook from Kathy Quan (me)
  • Frittzie Ramjet
  • DL Grant Consultants - Legal Nurse Consulting

Give Away #4 -- $50 Gift Card from Scrubs & Beyond
  • Kate Loving Shenk

Give Away #5 -- $50 Gift Card from Uniform Advantage
  • Greg Mercer
Please contact me ASAP with your mailing address so we can get these prizes to you. Thanks again for your participation!!

And a BIG THANK YOU to all of the vendors who have graciously given us these prizes this year!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Post Your Comments to Win Nurses Week Give Aways

Over the past few days we have posted 5 Give Aways for Nurses Week. Please check them out and be sure to post a comment on the Blog post or on the post on Facebook. You have until Midnight (PDT) on Friday May 15. Winners will be announced Monday night on this blog. We have some great comments already, but there are 10 stethoscopes to give away and 2 gift cards and 2 pair of Nabee socks as well as 2 autographed copies of my latest book. Check them all out and post your answers to the Prompts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nurses Week Give Away # 5-- Scrubs & Beyond $50 Gift Card

Today is the end of Nurses Week and it's International Nurses Day. Our final Nurses Week Give Away comes from Scrubs & Beyond.

They graciously offer a $50 gift card towards a huge selection of apparel, shoes, accessories and more at

For our final Prompt: What advice would you give to a new nurse that you wished someone had given to you.

You know the drill by now:
  • Post a short answer to the Prompt either in the Comments section below 
  • Or on any of the Facebook pages where you see this posting
  • One commenter will be chosen at random
Deadline is May 15 and winners willl be posted in the blog on May 18.

Thanks for participating in our Nurses Week Give Aways! Hope you've had a great Nurses Week. Celebrate International Nurses Day today!!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Nurses Week Give Away #4 -- Uniform Advantage $50 Gift Card

Uniform Advantage has long been a supporter of The Nursing Site and The Nursing Site Blog. THANK you UA! Check out their great line of uniforms, lab coats and SCRUBS!!!

This year for Nurses Week Uniform Advantage is  offering a $50 gift card towards purchase of their fabulous line of scrubs.

To enter the drawing for this fabulous Nurses Week Give Away you need to post a comment either here or on any of the Facebook links. Deadline is May 15 and the winners will be announced in a blog post on May 18.

Prompt for today is:
Nurses often say they LOVE being a nurse, but HATE their job. What's your take on this? Do you fit this? Or do you love nursing and your job?

Happy Nurses Week!!!! Don't forget to enter for all of the prizes.